Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Donner Valley Run - Experimenting with Strava and Instagram

Well, I am a little late to the whole Instagram revolution as well as how seamless many apps now work with each other.  So on my run today I decided to take a couple of pictures using Instagram. Strava then synced up those photos with the run, showing on the map where those pictures were took.  Now I have a wonderful way to record the run!  And now that Strava is also synced up with my Garmin Connect, I only have to upload once at Garmin and everything is sitting nice and tidy waiting for any additional detail that needs to be added.

Now for the run, it has been a while since I have run anything with any sort of trail elevation.  Mount Diablo is really dry which means that many of the trails have lost much of their spunk.  In fact I almost missed my cut-over Wassaman Trail.

 I did do some new exploring taking a section of the Bruce Lee Spring Trail over to the Clayton Oaks Trail.  The lower Donner Road is pretty uninspiring, so I was thrilled to find a new option.  It is a wide fire trail with some steeper downhill for some quad-love.  It does take you near a housing development; however, in a short amount of time you are back into the wilderness.

It was definitely a good day to run.  The Strava detail is as follows.  Click on the Strava detail for a link to where the pictures were taken.

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