About Me

About this Journey:

Yes, at one time not so long ago I was 285 lbs...now I am an endurance runner and love the trails!

I wasn't always a runner, in fact I loathed running.  I considered myself more a cyclist and was pretty active until my mid-twenties.

Then, as with most, life happened.  I married my beautiful wife.  Then our three children were born over 6 years, two years apart.  Over this time, I grew to 285 pounds.

Something needed to change.  It was my wife who suggested us begin running.  We first started with a couple of miles and within a year I was registered for the Surf City Half Marathon. Since then, we have been running marathons and the trails together.  During this time, I lost 90 pounds, I love running, and can really call myself a cyclist.

About me

I am a happily married father of three, runner, and cyclist.  We live in the Bay Area with Mt. Diablo in our backyard.  We are a running family with my wife and I running everything up to 50K and our daughters and son running 5 and 10K distances on the trail and on the road.

We love the trails and are exploring them as a family.   

This blog documents accomplishments as well as useful information related to
running on trail and road as well as cycling.


  1. Clicked over from reddit and wanted to say congrats, what a great story. My husband and I started running last year to get healthier for our kids, I love to hear about other people further ahead on their journey!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! It is so nice to hear from others who are doing the same. Keep it up, the journey so far was definitely worth it.

  2. Congrats on all your achievements! I'm sure the kids are loving all the outdoor activities and will now live a healthy lifestyle and not form unhealthy habits. I too used to have Mt. Diablo to look at out my window and miss it very much.But now I'm stuck with the dreary WA weather and looking at Mt. Rainier. You guys have come so far and have kept it up for years which is commendable. You remind me of a cousin I used to be close to who I've lost touch with and miss. Keep up all the great work!


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