Sport Science, Nutrition, and Training

The proper training and nutrition is important in being able to run efficiently as well as staying healthy.  Since each person is different, the information found in the blog posts worked for me.  That said, each person needs to best understand their limits as well as explore what works for them.

I firmly believe that if one keeps their balance, including balancing the needs of the family, that running is very rewarding.   The following posts include some of my research as well as sites I recommend. And those who of you who are runnerds, you will find included different scientific research related to running.


Health and Nutrition

Scientific Research

Common Sense Stuff

Related Sites

  • Soc-Doc - A comprehensive look at proper health and nutrition for runners as well as principles every runner should run by.

  • RunningAhead - a wonderful site to track your activities as well as create training schedules.  There are a lot of free tools that are included in premium sites elsewhere.
  • - A great site to track your meals as well as keep track of your macro-nutrients.

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