Friday, March 22, 2013

Running App Review: Runtastic Pro

In my previous series on phone running apps, I wrote that I really didn't care for the free Runtastic running app.  I really felt that for a free app, it was really limited in its functionality compared to it's free peers.  I felt that whoever was making the application design, finance had a final say so that the Runtastic Pro application would be purchased.

Back in January, to my surprise, I got an e-mail that they would be offering Runtastic Pro for free for a limited time.  With that offer, I decided to see what the Pro version was like; even though I knew it was some marketing ploy to improve word of mouth about the product. Needless to say, Runtastic got me again with a bait and switch, with the app really costing $0.99 in the United States.  But I still gave it ago. 

I can say, there are some pluses about the app, down to what I find important:

  • GPS Accuracy
  • Audible cues (pace, time, and distance), with the option of choosing time increments or 0.25 to 0.5 mile increments
  • Meaningful metrics
  • Provide motivation
In all three areas, the app preformed in the fashion that I would need.  An added benefit was when my run was completed, the information from that run was automatically ported over to Map My Fitness.  This is handy if you are also trying to keep a food log and know what your calorie deficit is.

What is still disappointing about this app, especially this being their Pro edition, is that many of the features that it provides at a premium actually comes free with RunKeeper and Strava.  In fact I much rather use Strava from a motivation standpoint because at least I can compare my stats with previous runs as well as my peers on specific segments.  In fact I have gone back to Strava as my primary phone app.

So that being said, with the normal price being $4.99 on Google Play, and other much more capable and FREE applications out there, I cannot recommend this product. For me Runtastic was not "funtastic"!

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