Monday, July 29, 2013

Greater than 26.2

Change in focus

You will notice that the title and subtitle has changed. Whereas most of the post for the past year has focused more on running centric “taking care of future self now” type stuff, the blog got lost in its own “self-importance” instead of just having fun running and cycling and the journey of living a healthy lifestyle. 

While my wife and I have had an amazing journey loosing tons of weight while learning our new found love in running, the past is the past.  Thus the change in focus.

I was listening to my Ipod Shuffle when I was running theDirty Dozen a couple of weeks ago (which I rarely do on trail runs), and fun’s “CarryOn” started playing.  I loved the above line because it really sums up the journey my wife and I have been on.

So expect less “self-importance” posts and more about just the enjoyment of running.  

More on that in a couple of days

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