Sunday, October 27, 2013

When the Body Takes a Holiday

So I have been on the sidelines now for over the last 10 days.  First it started with dropping off my bike for a long needed tune-up as well as to fix the front breaks.  Come to find out, there was a lot more work needed including replacing the drive train.  Next, the BART strike occurred on Friday, with me only putting in one lunch time run in during that week. 

The final straw came on Saturday.  The plan was that we were going to work on speedwork with the kids.  These kids are awesome, the run long distances and while not being overly fast, we have focused on having fun running.  The problem is that in California there is a grade system built around speed: an A means a kid is running in the 7 mile range, 8 minute mile gets you a B, a 9 minute mile (our oldest who has complete a half marathon and numerous 10K and 5K currently is running a 9:30) gets you a C, a 10 minute mile a D, 11 of course you fail?  Hmm...

I get it, for most kids my daughters ages are participating in some sort of organized sports, like soccer, which means they are doing speed drills.  So my girls are just getting warmed up at mile one when they are done.

Anyway I digress, I woke up fine only to succumb to fever that afternoon.  I guess, I came down with Step throat. So besides working at home, I have basically been sitting and doing nothing. This has been especially tough since my father-in-law was awesome enough to get me a Garmin Fenix!  Man its been tough not to be able to go out and test it out.  Expect a review soon.  Thank you Steve!

It wasn't until yesterday, when the kids and Beth ran Rocky Ridge yesterday that I got a little run in pacing my son.  Everything felt good even though my tonsils are still the size of walnuts.

But in reality, this has been the first time since I have taken this much time off from exercise since the calf muscle and toothpick incident back in January.  I had been suffering from Achilles bursitis for three months, but I haven't noticed any hints of it in days.  My body needed a vacation and since I was unwilling to take one,  my body took a holiday. In fact this is the fewest miles run since February.

That is good it happened now because I am one week out from beginning my Surf City Marathon training schedule.  To start off the training schedule, the Diablo  Trail Adventure Half Marathon is this coming weekend.  It is bound to be fun, first on Saturday we have volunteered to set up, followed by Saturday.  I will be running with fresh legs and the kids will be running the 5 and 10Ks. 

On to the Diablo Trail Adventure.....



  1. Well, I have heard you can cure Step Throat by removing the persons foot from your throat, and then stand up and ask them why they stepped on you. You may get in a fight, but your throat will feel much better.
    Walnuts, huh??

  2. Yay for Surf City - Diablo Half is good training for that! I'm glad we got to see your family before Rocky Ridge - you guys must have gotten there REALLY early!

    Diane and I were just talking last night about how fast we could run a mile; we've never gone all out for something like that and it would be interesting to know the result. (It would likely be F- for me.)


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