Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Airobics: Aerobics on Trampoline

So last week we tried something different.  Mind you, I have never been a fan of the ttrampoline.  However, I have learned to try things that I never thought I would enjoy and found this was an awesome experience.

We went to Sky High.  There are a few of these locations on the West Coast and are set up with trampolines for the kids, a foam pit, trampoline dodge ball, and an  even larger trampoline area to jump around. 

Sky High has Airobics classes throughout the week and on Saturday's.  The class combines traditional aerobics with trampoline.  By adding the trampoline to the mix, you forget that you are exercising.  It was a great workout.

I never thought that at 42 I would have so much fun.  From a running standpoint, I couldn't help think about endurance running and training your quick twitch muscles.  Also, I really do not have much balance, so I can see how this workout could help in that manor. 

What stood out to me was that everyone in the class was at different fitness levels.  However, everyone was having tremendous fun.  There was a girl in the class that had to have been about eight years old; but was keeping up (more like showing up) the adults.

Most of all, I did it with my wife and children.  It was a family affair.  The kids were off in the kids area and also jumping into a foam pit. 

We definitely will be adding it to our list of things to do as a family.

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