Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bicycle Review: Cannondale Quick 3

As I mentioned in previous posts, I ride my bike to work and bike.  Concord and Walnut Creek are wonderful for bike lanes and trails which makes commuting by bike extremely easy and pretty safe.  For the last three years, I have been riding on a Schwinn Trailways Hybrid that my parents got me as a gift.  It has been a great bike, putting 41 miles a week on it.  That said, the bike really wasn't built to put on that many miles every week.

So when we moved a bit further from work, and my commute increased to 65 miles week, it took about two weeks before the bike broke beyond repairing. The seat post had broken two years ago (I jerryrigged it to work) and the aluminum wheel completely torqued to the point that the spokes pulled out, so I could justify getting a new bike. 

After narrowing down the selection to 3 bikes, I settled on the Cannondale Quick 3.  This is a beautiful hybrid.  It is 27 speed with carbon forks.  It is geared like a mountain bike but rides like a road bike.  After riding what I have been riding for so long, I was amazed how light this bike was.   The seat took a bit getting used to (the Schwinn had a nice wide seat, which was nice when I was heavier).

I love how rapid I can change gears.  I climb up hills like they are not they.  This is great because I now have 580 feet of elevation gain up Ygnacio Valley Road hill.  I scream down the trails now. I have always wanted a Cannondale.  I love this bike!!!

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