Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Shower Wipes

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I have been trying out different shower wipes since where I work doesn't have a shower.  The beauty of it is that there are a lot of different products out there to choose from.  You will find the best way to use the wipes on that post.

So far, I have tried three, two specifically being Nathan Power Shower wipes ($4.95 at Roadrunner Sports) and Fresh Bath ($4.50 at Sports Basement) . There are many others and very different price points.  In fact a very popular brand is Shower Pill; however, they seem a bit pricey at $12.50 on

What I like about the Nathan Power Shower wipes is that they really do the job, have a nice fragrance (you won't smell like baby wipes going into a meeting).  The pack comes with 10 wipes and fit in a small pack.  That said, while they are larger than a normal wipe, if you have run on a really warm day you may find you using more than one.  Also, I find that my skin may be a bit sticky after.

I really prefer Fresh Bath.  These are really intended for backpackers and definitely do the job. The pack is rather on the large size and this is because they house eight 8X10 wipes. The wipes definitely feel more like a wet paper towel than a wipe and you really only need one on the hottest of days.  The fragrance is very neutral.  Also, my skin doesn't feel sticky after. 

I would like to try the Shower Pill, just because I have heard excellent things about it; however, if I am running three to four times a week, with 10 wipes, it just isn't cost effective for me.  You can learn more about the product here. If you try them please let me know how you liked them and if they are worth the cost.

So that is my rundown of shower wipes...pretty life changing stuff isn't it?  But really, let me know if you have a suggestion on another product or if you try the Shower Pill and if it is worth the change.

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