Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Need for Motivation

We all hit the wall sort to speak at different points in our lives.  Right now I am in one of those time periods.  How this has manifest itself has been me being a little bit more tired, a little more forcing myself to run, and really cutting down on my blogging.

In a lot of ways I have used blogging to keep me motivated when it came to my fitness endeavors and vice versa when I run I come up with my blog ideas.  I also found that if I can get a post have a lot of readers, by directing them to something to write (through Redit, LinkedIn, or the Runners World forum) it holds me accountable and keeps me motivated.  

Lately though I have been struggling.  I have been getting the miles in and I am now logging my bicycling rides on Strava.  However, I need to add more other types of workouts so I can enjoy my running.  I had my wife come up with a workout plan, which I have only done once, but it is what I need.  I just need the motivation.

Most of my miles are also coming from running flat, boring, trails in San Francisco.  Also, I am running at lunch which means my runs are compact to 50 minutes which means a maximum of 5 to 6 miles.  I have wanted to include weekend trail runs into the mix but I haven't been motivated enough to get up at 6 AM (still gives me 30 minutes of sleeping in) to run the trails near my house.

So why am I saying all of this?  To whine or complain?  No, just to lay on some accountability and kick myself in the rear to get going.  I need to, at a minimum to be putting in 30 miles of running a week.  This needs to be my running base.  I am currently at 20 miles a week.  I also need to be riding my bike a minimum of 4 days a week for 65 miles.  I am averaging two to three days a week with 32 to 48 miles a week.  This is just to keep a good base.  I also need to focus on my nutrition.  I have my calories at about 2200.  It is my mix that is out of whack.  I need to experiment to get back on track.  I also need to manage my stress better.  There a lot of little items that I am making big issues when they need not be which prevent me from doing the best thing to alleviate the stress - exercise.

I have a twelve hour event coming up the first week of July that I am by no means ready for.  I have set some pretty lofty goals; however, at this point in the game I am not sure if they will come to fruition.

So pay no mind to this post, this really is for me to get motivated and be accountable for that motivation.

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  1. Babe, one workout does not a workout plan's just one upper body if you want me to make you a workout plan, I'll do that, but you won't like it!
    And did you actually label the non-optional left planks as extra credit...cuz they aren't you have to do them. : )
    You have a wife who is willing and wants to workout with you, and a 12 hour race weeks away...I'd say that should be motivating!!
    Of course, there are other ways we could burn calories....just saying.
    Love ya, happy Friday!


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