Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Smokers and Running in San Francisco

This post is a long time coming.  As I have mentioned numerous times on this blog, I run the Embarcadero towards AT&T Park as well as to the Palace of Fine Arts.  And I know that this isn’t a true running trail it is a side walk that is used by thousands each day, just hundreds of runners use the Embarcadero for that reason.  I also know that tourists use this route on a regular basis many coming from countries where smoking is more the social norm or that on day games at AT&T park folks need to get their fix before the game.  Yet,  I still go back to being considerate to those around you.
So one of my pet peeves is folks that smoke when the rest of us non-smokers have to live in their wake.  Mind you I have family members who smoke, that is the decision that they have made for themselves. That said,   I have a problem with individuals who a puffing away as you are passing them (walking or running) without a consideration of who is around them.

Really, I do understand that it is felt as if it is their right to smoke in public; however, if done indiscriminately it infringes on the rights of those around them.

And this being San Francisco, keep in mind, when I talk about smokers, I am not just referring to the cigarette kind.  Pot can be such a problem, especially on game days, which I don’t wonder why I get the munchies after my run!  I mean really, I will be considerate to you, please be considerate to me! Even if Trail Runner magazine recently talked about some trail runners smoking pot does not mean I am one of them!

What’s the worst is when you are really running hard, focused on everyone around you and their goes the puff of blue smoke!  Within a moment you feel as if you are Alice talking to the Caterpillar! Sometimes it’s intentional as if to say, “yea, I know you think your special acting all healthy and all.  Let me slow you down a bit.”

Yeah I am ranting just a bit.  And I do not have this problem on other paved running trails (Walnut Creek’s Iron Horse or Contra Costa Canal trail) and definitely not when running the hills.  And maybe what has triggered this post is that I am currently sitting next a smoker right now (clothing reeks!) and it is giving me a headache.  

So as stated above, no ill intent on this post.  Oh well, the damage is done and I can go back to writing more positive posts.

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