Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sicko....weeks Sept. 12th through the 25th.....

Well I don't normally get sick.  But here, actually trying to build back a routine, and the kids go back to school and then bring home the plague.   It is such a lovely cold, first starts in the sinuses, then just when you think you are over it, your lungs fill up with white gu.

So this means that I am will have a shorter window to complete my initial goal.  Brazen Racing has a new 30K course that runs to the top of Mount Diablo and  down called the Diablo Summit Stomp which I have been eyeing.

It is all about strategy, this course.  The first 4 miles are runable before you begin the 9 mile climb up 3,800 feet of elevation gain.  Then you drop for the remaining 5 miles, again very much a quad blowing drop.

There is a 6.5 hour cut off, so really doable.   Its just that big question, do I want this to be the first race in over a year?


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