Saturday, October 27, 2012

Using Phone Apps Wisely

From my earlier posts on running and cycling apps, you can tell I am a big fan of Strava.  I love being able to both track my accomplishments and be able to compare my stats to other Strava users.  So you can understand why I thought the following story was a bit interesting.

Apparently Strava is being sued by a family of a cyclist that was killed in an accident. The cyclist was going 10 miles over the speed limit on Grizzly Peak in the Berkeley Hills, trying to beat someone else time and lost control of his bicycle.

As with any app, program, MP3 player, or piece of equipment that you use in any activity, the operator of the device needs to use it responsibly.  So what struck me with this story is that, while the rider was trying to use Strava to "beat" another cyclist time going down a dangerous stretch of road, he bears the responsibility of his actions.

Having come across a similar accident a few years back in the Oakland Hills.  The cyclist had been going down hill to fast and slid on wet pavement that was in the shadow of some trees.  We drove him to the hospital where we learned that he had broken his hip.

It is unfortunate that we allow others suffer for our own poor judgement; however, I think it is interesting to blame a piece of software.

To sum up the point I am making, use your GPS, phone app, IPod responsibly.  Know your limits and be modest in your capabilities.  It is OK not to be the crazy one that has the best time.  Push yourself; however, in the realms of reason.

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