Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Walnut Creek Festival Run 2012

This past weekend, it was all about the kids at the Walnut Creek Festival run.  This is a race our kids have enjoyed for the last three years and it was full of fun and surprises this year. 
This is a nice community run in its 50th year with the proceeds going to the schools within the Walnut Creek city limits. 

Our kids did awesome!!  Our 10 year-old daughter, ran the 10K in 54 minutes and ended up with an age division medal.  Our 8 year-old daughter PR'd the 5K in a wonderful 33 minutes and our 6 year-old son PR'd in 37minutes.  This is the first time our son has actually ran the entire course and the first time he did it under an hour.  He did a wonderful job, especially since he decided to run the race two days prior.

I am proud of my entire family.


  1. This is both amazing and very cool! Congrats to all of them (and to you too)!

  2. You should let people know that is not your bald head in the last picture : )


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