Monday, October 8, 2012

Wake Me Up When September Ends.....

So to say that September was a monster is an understatement.  Two rounds of colds, insomnia, magnitude 11 self-induced anxiety, meant not a lot of running or cycling.  And even though I tried to run the Diablo Half-marathon to the top of Mt. Diablo, I could only manage 4 messily miles to mess up my Athlinks profile.
1 mile down, really can I climb another 3,000 feet?

And as you can tell by my  non-existent blogging I really haven't been in the running mood.  It is really funny what your body does when it is under stress and how much exercise is tied up more with your psychological state than your physical state.  I have always known that about myself.  It basically comes down to letting the "I can'ts" outnumber the "I cans." The scary thing is that I know my ability and limits, I just loose my confidence in what I know.
Crazy can didn't.

So last week I was able to finally break out of the doldrums and ran a couple of times.  It was nice and it really felt good; however, I could definitely see that I have lost some of my base.  Meanwhile, my wife is blazing trails all over Mt. Diablo, which for me means I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Anxiety is a killer.  The solution is balance with a spiritual feeding program as well as physical exercise.  But isn't funny that the things that would help us out the most are the things that we minimize.

So later this month I will be running the Rocky Ridge 10K with my daughter followed the next day with a Footfeathers hill running clinic (which my wife got for me for our 15th wedding anniversary, I am so very excited thank you love!!).   However, I have a lot of re-conditioning on my plate till then.  So I am glad that the "I can'ts" are under control for the time being. 

To more blogging and running this month!!


  1. It will be great to see you at Rocky Ridge! (And it's awesome your daughter is doing that tough 10K.) Is Beth doing the 10K as well?

  2. No, she will probably be running the 5K with Myles and Sophie.


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