Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rocky Ridge 2012

So it was an awesome day for running at Brazen Racing Rocky Ridge Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K!!!  The temperature was just right for our families fourth run at this race.  Emma and me would run the 10K and Sophie and Myles would run the 5K with Beth.  In fact this would be my first attempt at this distance at this race with Beth running it last year.

To be frank, this is a tough race with over 1,900 feet of elevation gain, mostly between mile 2 and 3.  The first two miles though is great!!  It takes me back to high school when I used to run the trails below Stadium High School in Tacoma.  Pretty much all single track, rolling through the Oak Trees, it can be sometimes technical but full of fun!!  Since this is also part of the 5K course my youngest daughter and son treat it like a roller coaster.
Here comes Emma!!

After you run through this section, followed with a bit of downhill fire road you come to the first aid station.  Emma had started out strong; however, she began to drop back after the first mile.  I made it to the aid station about the same time I saw our son and Beth running by on the 5K. 
Cat Corbett with Truman, who won the age division medal!!

After the aid station we began the 1 mile, 1,495 foot elevation gain.  This is where Catra Corbett caught up with me.  She had been running with her dachshund Truman who she recently adopted.  It was nice that I could keep up with her going up the hill and basically run within eye shot of her the rest of the race. At different points I was able to ask some pointers, such as how best to do down hill running.  I notoriously have quad problems after hill runs, so it was nice to ask how she was able to complete over 80 runs over 100 miles without having quad problems.  In fact she will completing another 100-miler next week, Javelina Jundred. For more on Cat Corbet, listen to her interview on ULTRARunnerpodcast.

Wonderful foggy moister!!!
It was really foggy at the top of the ridge, with the trees catching the moisture and dropping down on the trail like rain.  I loved this part, even though it was cold and wet.  It reminded me of when I would ski in Washington when you could only see a couple of feet in front of your face.  But, it was still pretty refreshing.  

Then I began the downhill.  It was wonderful.  It was just steep enough to pull me down the hill but not steep enough to tear up my quads.  In fact I feel great.  Once the finish line was in sight, I left it all on the hill and ran as fast as I could.  My best time on a trail 10K was 1:11:56 on Brazen's Wildcat course last year.  I knew I was close to beating that time and I did at 1:11:12.  This is quite an accomplishment since this  seems to be a much tougher course.

Just as I was finishing I saw Myles, he had just finished (at 53 minutes); and Sophie finished a few seconds behind me (at 56 minutes).  Emma came in at 1:28, which bests her last trail 10K by 15 minutes.  All kids did great with each of them receiving age division medals. For a breakdown of Sophie and Myles run, check out Beth's blog.

To summarize, this is a challenging course; however, because Brazen Racing does such a excellent job in support, it is definitely worth a try.  The only negative was that we missed our friends who were running the half-marathon (its not the same with Mr. and Mrs. NotThatLucas) .  We hope you had most excellent runs and see you at the next adventure!!


  1. Awwww thanks Brian! Missed seeing all of you also! Wow what a killer course, hobbling along today but at least I can move. Love to you all, Mrs. NotThatLucas

  2. This is great - that has to be about the hardest 10K around. Doing the early start meant we missed out on seeing a lot of people, which was a bit sad. (But it also meant we were able to finish before dark.) Are you all going to be at Brazen Diablo?

    1. We will either be there as a participant or volunteer, have to see if we can squeeze it in the budget. I would love to have Beth run this one since she has been running much of the course the past month and a half.


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